10 Best Chinese Translated Novels To Read

10 Fiction Novels Everyone Should Read At Least Once In Their Lives!


We all need a good book right now, to offer an escape from everything going on in the world, be it pandemic or getting stuck in quarantine and offer ourselves a brief relaxation from the day-to-day grind at work or even at home. But with so many amazing new books coming out every day, it’s tough to choose which ones deserve to make it onto your tbr pile. Written by the greatest literary minds, they have universal themes, characters, experiences, emotions and perspectives. These books will give you a real fun ride into your boring life. 

So, if you are also a fiction lover like me or if you love reading, especially the ones who love reading romantic novels, here’s a perfect reading list for you


  1. Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard:

by Passion Honey, Yunyi (Translator)


The night before their wedding, her fiance ran off with his mistress.

Out of frustration, she grabbed the man standing in front of the Civil Affairs Office, “President Mo, your bride has not arrived and my groom has run away…May I suggest we get married?”

Before marriage, she said, “Even if we were to share the same bed, nothing would happen between us!”

After marriage, he said, “If we don’t try, how would we know?”


Got your interest? Read it here – Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard


  1. Noble Wife Wants No Love:

by 公子闻筝, SinkingShip (Translator) 


Xu Xinyi woke up and had obtained a system, the system told her that she was a second female lead who would have a miserable end and that she has 2 choices, to endure all grievances and change for the better, or to walk the same road as the original and become a vicious woman. She chose the second option.


One day Yi Yang couldn’t tolerate it anymore and, at the end of his patience, he demanded a divorce.


Xu Xinyi’s heart felt ecstatic when he put the divorce agreement in front of her but she looked at her husband and with a sorrowful, heartbroken look on her face. Then she waited for her husband to sign.


—“Hurry up! Sign quickly! I can finally leave this hellhole!”


But Yi Yang, who could suddenly hear Xu Xinyi’s thoughts, threw away the pen and said, “Not signing.”




Ever since Yi Yang discovered that he could hear Xu Xingyi’s thoughts, he found that while his wife kept kissing up to him and saying she loved him on the outside, in her heart she would laugh at that and think the complete opposite.


She only loved him on the surface.


“Husband, you are so nice, I love you so much ah~!”


—“I won’t have to be with this arrogant man forever, will I? I am really the most pitiful woman in the whole world!”


Yi Yang ” Xu Xinyi !!!!!”


Got your interest? Read it here – Noble Wife Wants No Love


  1. Proud Farm Girl With A Space:

by 甜橘小笼包, SinkingShip (Translator)


After transmigrating, Su Tang became a poor village girl who was not loved by her own father and was abused by her stepmother. After only a few days she was sent as a sacrifice to the River God. Faced with the threat of an imminent second death, Su Tang clenched her fists. Anyway, since she had survived, there was no reason to let herself die again. 


Su Tang rolled up her sleeves and, space in hand, she was ready to face the world. She separated from the family, took her younger brother to be adopted somewhere else, did business, bought a manor, and tried to make money every day… Not only did the days become more and more beautiful, but the person also became more and more beautiful. As for getting married, what’s that? Can she eat it? Su Tang’s life motto: I’m fated to face adversity alone so I’ll only love money all my life! 


However, one day a proud young man appeared outside her door saying: You may not believe it, but my nickname is Money*. 


Su Tang: Outside. Squatting. Horse Stance. Go!

A certain proud young man: It’s true, I will now ask my brother, the emperor, to change my name. 


Su Tang: …

(tl note: the actual nickname is ‘小钱钱’ which means money in the context and is the same words Su Tang used in the previous line)

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Got your interest? Read it here – Proud Farm Girl With A Space


  1. Boss Level Face-Slapping Specialist [Quick Transmigration]:

By Beautiful Progeny,Lan Gui,兰桂  甜橘小笼包, SinkingShip (Translator)


Xu Zifan climbed to the top circle all the way from the slums, and eventually became a boss level figure, who knew that once he crossed over, he would become cannon fodder!


However, it didn’t matter, he still wanted to be a Big Boss, and whoever doesn’t know their place will be turned into slag in seconds!


[An idol destroyed by a reincarnated woman? I’ll start a company to cherish you!]


[The real daughter of a rich family despises her childhood sweetheart? It doesn’t matter because I’ll go have more fun with the fake daughter~]


[A slag father gave his property to the half-brother? Give at will… How does bankruptcy feel, President?]


I will strive in each life to become a Big Boss!


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  1. Transmigrated into the Cannon Fodder’s Daughter:

By 宅喵, Tide (Translator)


Li Xiao transmigrated! After transmigration, her father was Li Nanjue, a CEO, and her mother was Xu Manqin, a chief fashion designer.


But before Li Xiao could happily laugh like a pig, she discovered her mother was the cannon fodder in the novel The CEO’s Pampered Film Queen Wife. She’s the daughter of the cannon fodder ex-wife.


The plot of the original novel already ended. Her father kicked out the cannon fodder ex-wife who was hindering his love, and now, he’s inseparable with his film queen female lead, who birthed genius twin children.


Her maternal grandfather’s family is bankrupt, and her mother is mentally unstable.


Li Xiao lost her aristocratic aura. It’s dawn, time to use her prophetic powers to see when this scum of a father will go bankrupt.


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  1. Don’t Fall In Love With The Boss

by  叶斐然, SinkingShip( translator)


Qian Wei’s last regret in her life was at the age of 19, when she offended Lu Xun, known as the “Light of the Law School”. She helped her brother Qian Chuan to pry at Lu Xun’s corner and robbed Mo Zixin from him. Who knew that Lu Xun would become her boss one day, and Qian Wei could only work like a cow or horse for atonement. But now God gave her the opportunity to return to the age of 19. Qian Wei said that she will help Lu Xun and ensure that he and Mo Zixin will be together. But … Why did she seem to offend Lu Xun more thoroughly? Help! She just wanted to help the future boss fall in love, not to fall in love with the future boss!


Qian Wei complained a lot about her boss: “Doesn’t Lu Xun have a private life? He works overtime all day, is he not afraid of developing kidney deficiency?”


Until one day, her boss called her to the office:


Lu Xun: Today, don’t work overtime. Come to my house.


Qian Wei: ???


Lu Xun smiled indifferently: A good boss should not let employees always have doubts. Tonight, I will show you personally that I don’t have kidney deficiency.



Got your interest? Read it here – https://www.centinni.com/novel/dont-fall-in-love-with-the-boss/ 


7 . I Was A Sword When I Reincarnated.

by Tanaka Yu (棚架ユウ),Zia (Translator)


 I opened my eyes to find myself in another world. For some odd reason, I ended up as a sword. Before my eyes laid a plain full of magic beasts, and so, I launched my body and flew in search of a partner, a wielder (females only).


Wait. Absorbing magic stones gets me skills? Oh hell yeah! This be fun! More, more, give me more! Gimme all your magic stones! Okay, yeah no, but I am accepting anything anyone’s willing to give.


This tale is one that follows your everyday nerd, normal as could be, save for the fact that he happened to reincarnate as a sword.



Got your interest? Read it here – I Was A Sword When I Reincarnated


  1. Scum Male’s Whitewashing Manual

by Sugar-InCat,Tang Zhong Mao,糖中猫, RandomAlex (Translator)


 Mr. Wei traveled from world to world, switching bodies—so he could care for those who had been hurt by the original owner. Those who had harmed relatives and genuine lovers, were then redeemed by him.


A girl without a father, a lover betrayed by her boyfriend, a pet dog who was abused by their owner, a husband who sold his own child.


Protect girls and take care of them. Take care of and return pets, display devotion to their parents… His job was to make them happy, not more troubled!


Even though this was the usual routine for Wei Mingyan, to redeem scum men one by one, he agreed to use his own efforts; to make distressed relatives happy without revealing his identity, so that the people who had suffered, can live happily. 


This story complements the beauty and positive energy, love, friendship, family feelings in it. The plot of the beautiful story and warm heart, is a very good work that’s a must-read.



Got your interest? Read it here – Scum Male’s Whitewashing Manual

      9. Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home

by Ye Fei Ye (棚架ユウ),Zia (Translator)


Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian had secretly longed for each other for thirteen years, and now that there’s a possibility for them to be together, even though the circumstances may be unconventional, neither one can refuse their inner desires any longer.


Hurled into a false marriage, Qiao Anhao treads carefully towards the cold and reclusive Lu Jinnian, but after years of near-missed opportunities and deep misunderstandings, how could their last shot at love possibly run smooth?


“Nation Husband” is a Korean term awarded to a man who is perfect in the eyes of the public – an ideal husband.


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  1. The Substitute Bride

by Mi Lu


 Everything begins with love.


In order to help her sister escape a marriage without love, Long Mo Er willingly puts on her wedding dress and gets married on her behalf. After serving her purpose, she thought she’d be able to pull herself out of that mess. Never would she expect herself to fall in love with the groom and the bride groom with her, the substitute bride.


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